General Faq : 

What is this project all about? 

This is an online Data entering job for part time earners, students, house wives, retired persons or any other person who has free time or a flexible job to work in the project and earn money at their spare time.


Do I need a degree for this job ? 

No, You do not need a degree or any prior experience for this job , however you must be able to use the internet, know how to type and perform basic operation on your computer.


Will you provide me a Visa for this job ? 

This is not a full time job, so we do not provide a visa for it. However, you can apply if you have a valid visa or not.


How Long Does it Take to Finish Project ? 


The task depends on the project provided by employers. Most of the tasks can be completed with 10-15 days.

Data Entry Outsourcing


Finding Redundancy, Errors, and Time Constraints? As A Data Entry Company, we build data entry solutions to reduce costs and deliver high quality data on time



To create opportunities for many so that the lives of many can benefit from the new possibilities that become available to them.”


Document Processing Services

Conversion of data from physical and electronic documents using automation greatly reduces cycle time and increases accuracy. Using document imaging services for high volume scanning relieves back-office administrative tasks from your team allowing more focus on core competencies. Partner with a reliable Business processing Outsourcing For faster, more accurate, and reliable document processing services.


1. Receive Documents

Documents can be received as images, batch uploaded, mailed for scanning, and sent as a photo.

2. Uploaded to ACM

Documents are uploaded onto the ARDEM Collaboration Platform and automatically ingested into the processing cycle.

3. Data is Processed

Using data capture, OCR, ICR, artificial intelligence, and validation routines to ensure accurate data.




WE Provide solutions to the company which seek data for information service directory, Data Analysis, Consultancy for IT, Network Technology, and handle different IT Projects. We collect data from one source and furnish it for client as per client requirements through different ways and channels. Data Master also provide Data Base designs for the clients. An expert team has been set to support our client to assure 99.99% of satisfaction.