What we do ?  


Collection of Raw Data

We Collect raw Data of companies world wide from different sources to convert it in Digital Form  



Then it is outsource world wide to convert it into digital form with our professional software


Data Processing

World wide data is proceed and store into our servers for further process


Data Delivery

Processed Data after accurate Anylisation delivered to business for there needs


Data Entering 

We do data entery for Schools Data ,ProjectManagement Data ,Insurance Companies, Healthcare data



Freelance Data processing Work. 

An Individual can register as a freelancer on our website or get enroll with our registered Franchisee agent for Data processing Work.


Corporate Subscription For small Companies.

Small business Looking Opportunity to enroll in Data processing Work & to help their business financially.


Franchisee of Our Data Processing Work.

Data Entry Companies Those who can outsource Data Entry processing Work to Be part of our profit.


Companies Looking for Potential Data.

Companies Looking for Potential Corporate Data to fulfill their business needs like sales and marketing Strategies.


Industries we serve : 

Health care (Uk & Us) Process.

Retail Industry.

School & College.

Shipping Industries.

Realestate & Call Centre.


Automate Processing + Improve Your ROI

Always Fast. Always Accurate. Always Reliable


Industry Expertise

Smarter document management empowered by knowledge, experience and technology 

Data Integration

Capturing data using both manual data entry, document scanning and conversion, backed by OCR and ICR technologies. 

High-Volume Processing

Managing large volumes of documents with high-volume scanning services and automated processes. 

Security Assurance

ISO27001 certification backed by 3rd party auditing and a slew of VPNs, SSLs, security protocols,  etc.